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Vysoké Tatry
Attraction highlighting: observatory on Lomnickom štít

the town is spread along the massif of the High Tatras 67km in lenght, 39 816.3 ha, the largest village in Slovakia, the northern part of Eastern Slovakia, the Prešov region, approximately 100km to the west of Prešov, the Poprad district.

1010m above sea level (Starý Smokovec), the whole city 715 – 2655m above sea level. The part Štrbské Pleso in height 1355m above sea level is the highest laid seat in Slovakia, the observatory at the Lomnický štít is the highest laid building.

Municipal parts:
The town is created from the west to the east by these parts: Podbanské, Štrbské Pleso, Vyšné Hágy, Nová Polianka, Tatranská Polianka, Tatranské Zruby, Nový Smokovec, Dolný Smokovec, Horný Smokovec, Tatranská Lesná, Tatranská Lomnica, Tatranské Matliare, Kežmarské Žľaby,Tatranská Kotlina.

Natural conditions:
Municipal parts are situated under the Tatran mountains between the Podtatranská hollow and the High Tatras. The highest laid part is the Štrbské Pleso (1355m above sea level), the lowest is the Tatranská hollow (760m above sea level). The area is drained by mountain flumes to the Poprad river, from the Podbanský brook by the Belá river to the Váh river. The area belongs to temperate and wet climate, the average annual temperature 4.7 degrees Celsius in Starý Smokovec, the average annual rainfall is 944mm. In the terrier of the town is the highest point of the Slovak Republik (Gerlachovský peak – štít, 2 655m above sea level), the largest and the deepest lake in Slovakia (Veľké Hincovo pleso, 20.1ha, 53m at the depth), peak of Lomnický peak (2 632 m above sea level) is a place with the lowest average annual temperature(-3.7°C), the Zbojnícka cottage (1 960m at its altitude) is a locality with the highest average annual rainfall (2 130mm).

View of Tatran peaks

Pozoruhodnosti, rarity, zaujímavosti
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The High Tatras are considered the lowest great mountain range in the world and are unique thanks to man access from the area under the hills to the high mountain zone of natural park TANAP with an unique flora and fauna and with very clear air in a very short time. Extraordinary natural and climatic conditions designate this area for climatic healing, recreation and sport.

The centres of tourism are the following:
Štrbské Pleso (1 355m above sea level -  a centre of climatic healing (the highest laid climatic spa in Slovakia) and a centre of classic ski-disciplines. It is organised here some sports undertakings of world importance. The village was founded in the year 1873 at Štrbské pleso, the second largest tarm on the Slovak side of the High Tatras. A very often destination of tourists coming to this area is the Symbolic cemetery consecrated to the honour of victims in the Mengusovská valley.

Starý Smokovec (1 010m above sea level) - the oldest Tatran village situated on the foot of Slavkovský peak. It was founded by the Earl Štefan Czáky at the Smokovecký mineral spring in the year 1793. It is an administrative centre of the town, seat of Tatran mountain service of the National association of mountain conductors and seat of other important organizations. The spa healing is concentrated in Nový Smokovec. The architectural dominant of the habitation is the Grand hotel built in the year 1904. In like manner will draw tourist´s attention many well-preserved bay-work buildings. Smokovec is a suitable starting-point for some mountain tours – the Studenovodské waterfalls, the Obrovský waterfall and mountain cottages. In Starý Smokovec is a station of ground cable railway which connects the habitation with scenic place Hrebienok.

Tatranská Lomnica (850m above sea level) - is a tourist place created below the massif of Lomnický peak. The first written mention originates from the year 1892. There is a museum of TANAP with an exposition of Tatran flora and fauna. The architectural decorations of the habitation are the Lomnica hotel from the year 1893 and the Grand hotel Praha from the year 1895. The village is a seat of the protection organisations. The mountain traffic facilities connect the habitation with Skalnaté pleso. At Lomnický peak is situated the highest laid observatory in Central Europe and an associate station of Slovak academy of sciencies (Slovenská akadémia vied).
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There are 8 800 beds and 9 600 chairs together in addition to 3 200 seasonal in the facilities of tourism. Attractive for tourists is an occasion of climbs to the mountain cottages: Chata pod Soliskom, Chata Popradské pleso, Rainerova chata, Zbojnícka chata, Téryho chata, Chata pri Zelenom plese, Chata Plesnivec. Some tourists visit the Belianska cave  in the Tatranská hollow, too, because of its positive climatic effect for sensitive affections. The High Tatras want to welcome visitors with a wide offer of services of tourist facilities in the summer and in the winter.
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